MasterClass of Photography organizes photography courses in the Atacama desert in Chile, the driest place in the world.

We will travel by jeep across this extreme landscape of sand and rocks to visit various remote, evocative locations. Between the rocky terrain and stretches of sand you will be able to fully exploit your equipment.

You will be surprised by the total silence, the smell of the desert and magnificent sunsets. You will develop your own personal way of taking photographs.

Our school offers basic-level and advanced courses which include the following subjects and activities:

  • photography techniques;
  • jeep excursions;
  • training in the field concerning the use of various types of equipment;
  • photographic image-editing.


Professional trainers, who completed seven years of courses and became qualified at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, offer individual coaching in the field and at a photography studio.


Our Mission: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” – John Keats

The training sessions ensure that you will acquire and develop:

  • full control of your photographic work;
  • professional methods and techniques;
  • your own personal way of taking photographs.


A small group of people out in the desert … ensures better results

An adventure involving very few participants, and a chance to share your experience.

The mountainous horizon, the sunsets and a starry desert sky will make this trip an unforgettable experience.

When we return at the end of the day, we can talk about the photos we have taken.

Then, after a long day’s work and activities, there will be a refreshing and very tasty Italian dinner prepared by our chef.


This is where you can abandon the ‘automatic mode’ and start thinking about an effective ‘manual mode’. From now on every shot you take will be a valid achievement!

Photographers do not simply produce good results; in their work they discover aspects of their inner dimension and the outer world.

Our true self and subjective vision of the world is reflected in the photos we take; they can reveal who we really are in a tangible way.

The principal aim of our desert adventures is to let photography become an instrument of growth, in both the artistic and internal, personal sense.

You will be advised and assisted and we will help you reach the level of competence you wish to achieve. With your trainer you will learn a lot about technical details and their effect on your ideas and even your inner feelings.