The instructors

Edmond Deckmyn: A professional photographer and founder of the MasterClass of Photography. Edmond, who is also a psychologist, graduated at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula – Montana (USA) and followed online courses ( ) with Jim Zuckerman, Doug Johnson and Eric Drager, George Braun.

His method integrates technical aspects of professional photography with a psychological view of this art. He proposes activities that help participants acquire full control over their work, thanks to moments of introspection, which can represent a significant factor in the achievement of aesthetic and professional goals.

Phil Anderson, a graduate at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, specializes in landscape photography. A US Navy pilot and flight captain with Delta Air Lines, Phil combines his activity as a photographer with his interest in the world of aeronautics. He has produced superb albums that illustrate areas of the north-western United States and the Palouse region in Washington State in particular.


First experiences in the desert since 1971….

My name is Edmond Deckmyn. I will be your instructor at Atacama. As a psychologist and psychoanalyst I have collaborated with several photography schools to develop and perfect didactic methods. As a photographer, I should say that my true ally is the desert itself. Its hostile and solemn appearance, and the vast silent spaces of the rocky landscape and stretches of sandy terrain reawaken an inner strength, inducing us to become more aware of both our inner dimension and the outer world. In 1971, I rode a bicycle across the Sahara desert, and in one year covered a distance of 9,000 kilometres on my own. In 1985 I founded the Italian agency of the Marathon des Sable founded. In that context I saw that subjects with addiction problems were able to find themselves again after completing such a long journey.

So in 2004 I started organising photography workshops based on this idea, initially in Europe and later on in the Atacama Desert, an ideal place for technical training.